Epson Ink Cartridge Hack

Tired of buying ink cartridges because your printer said's it's out of ink, when in reality it's really not. Just in case you didn't know most ink cartridges stop printing when it has 25% of ink left. Now the manufactures will never tell you this and to prove that this is true, just try this simple hack and see how far you ink cartridge can go when you just do this simple trick.

Now no manufacture will ever recommend this because they'll insist that this will mess up your printer head. But who cares because now-a-days printer only last no more than five years. With this in mind it's still worth on doing this hack. And if all fails, you can still buy a cheap printer for just under $50-. Any case your still ahead if you listen to the manufacture or not.

The same works in a different way for other printer manufactures as well.


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